Machine Learning Courses

Starting spring 2017, I took the leap from being AI-curious to actually start learning what it’s all about. In the progressive field of machine learning, internet courses can sometimes be on par with university courses.

Andrew Ng’s Machine Learning course is probably the most recommended basic course if you want to know the mechanics behind machine learning. I followed the recommendation and it was a good fit for me, especially since i had some prior Matlab experience.


As a next step, focusing on deep learning was an easy choice. The future of AI is uncertain, but it’s pretty clear that the deep learning breakthroughs in recent year will transform a lot of industries. And I think there is still a lot to come. I chose to stick with Andrew Ng as my tutor and do the complete 5-course specialization in Deep Learning.


I have also audited other courses, such as some Google Cloud Platform courses, Bayesian Methods for Machine Learning as well as courses on other platforms, but i haven’t found the time to complete them.

I will NOT stop doing internet courses. I get a lot of energy from learning new things, and if your time is limited, it’s great to have a curriculum. My experience is that the sense of progress is high compared to the effort.