OpenVelodrome is an online parametric velodrome design.

This version deals with the basic track geometry only. This will be a complete velodrome design concept with full instructions on how to build your own velodrome. Prototyping is ongoing! For the latest info and discussions, go to the Facebook Group

Rotate XZLeft Mouse
PanMiddle Mouse or SHIFT + Left Mouse
Rotate XYRight Mouse or ALT + Left Mouse
Zoom In/OutWheel Mouse or CTRL + Left Mouse

Based on

UNDER CONSTRUCTION! Looks weird in Firefox, terrible in Explorer and impossible on mobile devices.

By Johan Lagerlöf


// -- logo function main() { return union( difference( cube({size: 3, center: true}), sphere({r:2, center: true}) ), intersection( sphere({r: 1.3, center: true}), cube({size: 2.1, center: true}) ) ).translate([0,0,1.5]).scale(10); }